Make a button stay on top of any visual in Power BI

Kesha Shah
2 min readMar 26, 2021

Since Power BI’s initial release in 2016, Power BI has quickly become the talk of the town in business intelligence and analytics circles, and rightly so! Its data visualizations provide easily digestible insights into your business via robust, interactive dashboards. We’re lovers of all things data, and blogs about Power BI are no exception.

Power BI has many advanced features and Button is one of them. Sometimes it is required to put a button on any visual, So when we select the visual, the button disappears :( Have you also noticed this ? Don’t worry! Chill, I’m here to assist you ❤.

1) Create any Visual. ( e.g. Card )

2) Put a button on the top of that visual.

Here, when you select the card, the button will disappear. So another idea that comes to mind may be to increase the transparency. When you increase the transparency and select the visual you can see the button but cannot select the button. Thus, what you will do is:

3) Select both visuals.

4) Go to format ribbon and group the button and a visual.

Now, while selecting the visual, you can also select the button.

In the following picture, I have selected the card visual and at the same time I’m able to click the button.

Peek-a-boo! We can now select both, the visual and the button at the same time.

Easy, it was! You just needed a trick amigo.

Please let me know if you have queries.

Happy reporting!



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